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  1. @BV80 ok thanks that explains the letter I received. I sent the debt validation to the 3 credit bureaus so I misunderstood the next step. I have sent debt validation letters to some of the collection agencies that I have received letters from. So after I send the 1st dispute letter to credit bureaus and they remove some things, do I just send another dispute letter to them?
  2. I've been following the tips that I have been reading in the forums regarding credit repair. I recently sent a letter to the credit bureaus my first letter was a dispute letter, my 2nd letter was a debt validation letter asking that they validate the debt they say I owed I was very specific on the information I wanted them to provide to me. But they sent me back a generic letter saying In Reference to your question regarding the investigation process: Upon receivt of your dispute, we first review and consider any relevant information you submitted regarding the nature of your dispute... This is how it started off, so they didn't provide me with the information that I requested. What is my next step from here?