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  1. I moved in with a relative in NY. The utilities were/are in her name, but I do have a rental agreement and correspondence from the government after I went on welfare in July 2015.
  2. I mean, all I really have is my old lease that shows the end date of May 1st, 2015. I moved out mid-April.
  3. I sent out 8 e-mails and received 2 callbacks. After I sent those 2 attorneys all of the documentation pertaining to the case, I didn't hear back from them. That NACA Attorneys site is golden, though. I'll definitely have to take some time out of my day to call around for advice. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks. I was ready to get in touch with Pressler and set up a payment plan after several consumer attorneys that I contacted gave me the cold shoulder. However. I'll keep trying. I'll pay a good attorney 3x the amount of the judgment before I even let Pressler know that I'm still breathing.
  5. They sent a letter via certified mail to my Atlantic County address. No one lived at the house after my roommates and I moved out, so it was probably just left in the mailbox. Since the letter wasn't returned, I guess that counts as service, huh?
  6. Hi Everyone, I recently checked my credit report, and I saw that I had a default judgment entered against me August 2015 by New Century Financial Services for a Credit One Bank card. I did a little bit of research on the buyer, and learned that a firm called Pressler & Pressler basically acts as their enforcer. I was served twice at addresses at which I no longer resided. The first time I was served was February 2015 in Ocean County, NJ. I haven't lived there since 2012, so the case was then transferred to Atlantic County. Pressler "successfully" served me June 2015 at an address I moved out of 2 months prior. The judgment was entered August 2015, and they sent a wage execution to an employer I haven't worked for in 8 years. The balance isn't that large ($1033 after the court officer's commission for serving the faulty garnishment), but I REALLY want it off of my credit report. I'm finally in the position of rebuilding my credit, and I'd like to get this garbage off of my report before I start the rebuilding process or put any current information on my report. I've heard that Pressler's a nightmare to deal with, so I'm only willing to communicate with them from a P.O box that's attached to a relative's address. They don't have my current address, phone number, employer, or bank account information, and I'd like to keep it that way. Should I ask them to vacate the judgment after it's satisfied? Should I just pay it off and leave it on my report? Or should I just wait an eternity until it falls off? Thanks in advance for your help.