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  1. I had a hypotheticle question for everybody. If you settle a debt with a JDB for 500 dollars but when you check your bank account they have cleaned out everything. Can the JDB simply say you gave us the bank account info, would it be hard to try to get your money back. Is this why most collectors won't put anything in writing so they can clean you out.
  2. I was just reading on the internet that some debt collectors will offer you a credit card to start rebuilding you'r credit. The article also said that any debt even if its past the SOL will be deducted from credit limit, for example portfolio recovery will give you a credit limit of 5,000 but you had a debt with them for 1,000 so your CL is only 4,000. Is it legal to add debt to new credit card even if its past SOL. This seems like a shady way to do things.
  3. Thanks who cares trying to build the credit report back up after some tough spots in the past. So is everybody going crazy after the Brexit vote. Like glenn beck says time to head for the hills.
  4. This is kind of a hypothetical question. I've read here that when dealing with a jdb you should always deal in money orders or cashiers checks. I was wondering what you would do if you sent a money order to a jdb and they sent it back to you saying ( we don't accept money orders only access to bank accounts) just wondering if this has happened to anyone here.
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