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  1. Thank you for the reply.  I would like to give all of the background so I know how to proceed. I have been living in my house now since 2010. A lady did come to my door last October but I did not acknowledge who I was and she then told me she was there to serve papers. In hind sight I guess I should have just told her it was me. Fast-forward to two weeks ago and now I have been getting a call from M&J on Fridays. The first time they called was 3 weeks ago and that was the only call I answered, but did not give personal info. I have been keeping a log because I do call the surrounding county courts to check for recent filed documents but none have been filed as of yet. The first set of calls I made was June 8th. I called again today and still nothing. I wonder if they will call tomorrow. 

  2. So last week I received a phone call from these yahoos about an "Important business matter" that the gal on the phone would not reveal because I would not give her any information other than my name. She then hung up on me. I guess what I want to know is, how do I go about finding out what they are calling about without accidentally reaffirming a debt? The only thing on my credit report is an old charged-off credit card from HSBC (Orchard Bank) from 2011. The original amount was $300 but it is listed on my credit reports as $865 and has been sold.  They have not served me because I do not have a job but I have no idea what they are calling about. Can anyone give me a clue of how to proceed? I am staring a new job and do not want the embarrassment of being served there if you know what I mean.