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  1. I'm in Seattle, WA. This debt collector from OR sued me and they said you owe 1400 dollars. They said you had Capitalone/Best buy card 5 years ago and you never pay it. They didn't send me statements or payments I made or any kind of Evidence for their claim. I filled an answer denying the whole crap except the (The defendant was issued card number xxxx54) which hapens to be true but that card was from HSBC Bank not even from Capital One so they don't even know the original provider of the credit card. Anyway Send them documents of admission and request of documents from my side. But they keep calling me everyday and I don't answer their phone. Three days ago I met with local lawyer in here and they said we'll do this case on your behalf and we'll not charge you any money but let's sue this debt collector so we can get our fees from them. I told them I don't care whether you sue them or not, I only care about this case. So from yesterday my lawyers call me and they said they sued that debt collector on your behalf...