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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I know I don't quality for Ch7. If I can do 13 without compromising my brother's condo, despite the large amount of equity, that might be best. My other option was to ask him if I can use the condo and get a second on it. Not sure it's fair for me to ask him to secure my unsecured debt with his property. I guess I'll sign it over to him since I should have done that anyway. I found the form to figure out disposable income. The national standard for housing is $235 less than I pay now. According to this, if I did it correctly, I have $901 to put toward my de
  2. I'm ok for a few more months as long as nothing big comes up. Doesn't a CH13 stick with me for 10 years? I may not be Ch13 eligible either. I'm co-owner of a property with my brother. I don't live there, I never have made a payment. It has a lot of equity. I probably should have gotten off the title years ago. Our parents lived in it before they passed. He bought me out in 99, I just never got off the title or the loan. I thought I read somewhere that won't be protected in a Ch13. I asked if I could quit-claim it to my brother. The guy I talked to said I could, but I'd have to wait 2
  3. Like many here I'm in a bind. I have around 105K in debt with 10 different creditors. Amex, Citi bank (2), discover, Lending Club, wells fargo, amazon, paypal, home depot and a local credit union. A few are less than 3k. I'm in Utah, single dad with my daughter 100% of the time. Home owner, 19 year old vehicle paid off. Not behind on anything. I called a lawyer and found out I make too much for Ch7. I also found out in Ch13 all my discretionary income goes toward my debt for 5 years, then the rest is dismissed. Problem is, right now all my discretionary money except for a couple h