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  1. That's what the paralegal I spoke to said. If they don't respond in certain time frame we're to move for dismissal. Apparently the judges in Richmond County lean towards the consumer as well.
  2. Thank you very much for this suggestion. I decided to give them a call today, and after a very long and detailed and reassuring conversation I decided to go with them on the spot. They charged 800 flat for the case with 200 per court appearance due to the distance they'd have to travel should a court appearance even be necessary. As I'm currently in the process of getting on my feet after finally landing a decent job; being able to pay 800 instead of an astronomical 3k is a huge, huge weight off my shoulders. I'll keep the thread updated as things happen, if that's OK.
  3. Thank you very much for the suggestions. I will make my final decision on this tomorrow, leaving a mere 4 days before the deadline to respond to this action. Is that enough time?
  4. Thanks for the information, and yeah I wasn't going to act on information in passing. Last week I called up and they seemed quite confident. They told me Jefferson Capital frequently doesn't have proof; and that they the person who wanted to take the case "liked working on these cases" but the cost was huge. 1500 up front, with 1500 later on a payment plan. Supposedly normally 2000 up front and 2000 later. Not really sure if that's a good price or not, and then what happens if the case is lost? I have to pay these guys 3k in addition to
  5. Hello, and thank you for taking the time to look at this. On July second I was served papers through Forster and Garbus regarding an old student loan debt from 2003. I've feverishly researched this issue, and I've prepared an answer to be delivered ASAP. I'm attaching a censored version of both the summons and the document with the intention of getting them having some good people here proof read them to ensure I'm not missing anything. On that note, I do have a raw question before I get to answering the standardized questions. Specifically, I'm talking about an entry on