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  1. Thanks for the awesome reply, good things to know! Sounds like I am in for 6 years of Heck. Sadly! Do I contact any lenders and explain my situation though and or would it matter? My biggest concern is the lending club payment of $800 a month. Say I were to mange to make the minimum payments on my cards but missed the lending club payment. When they eventually report that to the credit reporting agencies and it shows I am in default, couldn't my card companies slash my limits down and require immediate payment of the above balances so I would be ****ed anyway? Or is it possible to just pay down what debt I can and let the big payment go?
  2. First let me start by saying I haven't even gone 30 days late as of yet but I am massivly concerned on what might happen. First and foremost I had a chapter 7 bk that was done in April 2014. I have since built my credit up and have been slowly racking up my cards. I currently owe Capital One $60,000, Barclays 20,000, Discover 4,000, and lending club 24,000. One month ago I had a massive seizure and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I have lost my job and can barely work 10-15 hours a week from my doctors note. I have all medical records. Now I currently have 0 assets other than a 16,000 car I bought on loan and the value is lower then it's worth. I am deathly afraid they are gonna bring a ****storm down upon me. Especially Capitol one. I live in Ramsey county, Minnesota. I have no idea if I should call the companies and explain my situation so it can be documented that I tried and didn't walk away blindly. I am pretty sure they are going to say sorry you owe us. I am currently on medical assistance and food stamps because of this situation. I think I am exempt from garnishment. I know I am jumping the gun, could be years before anything happened, but I want to know somewhat what to do? Or what's gonna happen? Any words of advice would be good. I am assuming I am gonna need an attorney at minimum. I have also heard that because the large amounts they can possible file something to block me filing bk in 8 years from now? Is that possible? Would they do that?