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  1. BV80, you are a peach; thanks. Also, thank you for the citations. I'm tempted to forego any discovery here and just draft a motion to dismiss, in which case I'll check the caselaw you cite and use it in the motion. I think it has a good shot. Really appreciate it. I'm a litigation paralegal and I'm always writing for much bigger corporate cases, and will have no problem showing up for a hearing, either. This question was a little different and I just needed to get pointed in the right direction and see how the courts here historically interpret the statutes. I'll also be sure to reques
  2. I have a question about Missouri's somewhat confusing statutes of limitations on the collection of credit card debt. RSMo 516.110 states: Within ten years: (1) An action upon any writing, whether sealed or unsealed, for the payment of money or property; While RSMo 516.120 states: Within five years: (1) All actions upon contracts, obligations or liabilities, express or implied, except those mentioned in section 516.110, and except upon judgments or decrees of a court of record, and except where a different time is herein limited; My question: which