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  1. I filed my answer 5/2015 and they're request were not received until 4/2016. Those request were not received by me, as it was forwarded to an unknown address in a different city from where I live.
  2. Yes, they mailed it to the incorrect address listed on my answer. This address was that of my now ex-wife, we were divorced (1) year ago and the USPS tracking CACH lawyers provided shows it was forwarded to a different city. She moved from that address shortly after our Divorce.
  3. The only incorrect address was the one provided in my original answer. They mailed the petition to (2) different addresses, neither of which was the same as what I provided in my answer. The address provided in my answer was simply an error on my part, but it was only the address they used for all of the mailing subsequent to the answer filed . Now, none of the prior addresses are correct as it's been nearly 17 months since the original filing and life has changed for me during that time.
  4. They sent a discover request and a request for admissions, but they sent it to a non-valid address that I had inadvertently listed on my ANSWER only. This is a completely DIFFERENT address than what was used when they mailed the original petition. It is also an address in which my then wife lived (now Divorced). CACH LLC waited nearly 1 year after my ANSWER to proceed further with the case. Since that time, I got divorced, my ex-wife moved from the incorrect address and she put a forward in resulting in all of the communication from CACH LLC lawyers to not get to me. I only discovered what is going on now from a recent public search on the courts web site. Trying to figure out how best to fix and move forward. I have an "appearance and change of address" ready to go and was wondering what else I should file to be safe. Should I file a Motion for a continuance and a Motion to Compel for Arbitration? Kind of in a rough spot with the address being screwed up. Wouldn't there be a lack of service here? They have no signature and the tracking they provided clearly shows it was forwarded to a city and zip code in which I don't live.
  5. Is it too late to file an amended Answer? Where can I find a continuance sample for Oklahoma? Thank you for your help.
  6. Being sued by Cach LLC for a debt allegedly incurred my by defunct business for $31,000. Original creditor is Wells Fargo. Here are the bullets: Plaintiff Petition Filed 3/2015 Defendant Answered Petition 5/2015 Plaintiff Filed "MOTION TO COMPEL DISCOVERY RESPONSES AND TO SET DISCOVERY CONFERENCE" 6/2016 Plaintiff Filed "NOTICE OF HEARING ON PLAINTIFF'S MOTION TO COMPEL DISCOVERY RESPONSES" 6/2016 All of the Plaintiff's communication was mailed to my now ex-wife's old house address, so I never received the communication. As a result, I was not able to respond to the Discovery request. I only made the discovery of these events through the online court system after they made their filings. Filed for and was granted Divorce in 8/2015, after my answer but about 10 months earlier than the recent Plaintiff's filings. My assets are nearly zero, I rent and do not own a home and I owe more on my car than it is worth and live near paycheck to paycheck. PLAINTIF'S MOTION TO COMPEL DISCOVERY RESPONSES AND TO SET DISCOVERY CONFERENCE HEARING IS SET FOR THIS FRIDAY Will be traveling for work on the day of this hearing and will be gone (2) weeks. My jobs has me out of town 21 days of the month. How should I BEST proceed from here? As it stands, they don't have my correct address and I cannot appear at the hearing. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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