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  1. Hello, I'm hoping to get advice/tips on my situation. In October 2014 I was having major financial troubles due to multiple credit cards and a job layoff. I was not able to pay the credit cards and they were charged off. Currently, i am working and I am in a better financial situation. My question is how do I start to clean this up. I've had a couple of collection agencies threaten to aye and ended up paying them off. I want to buy a house in the next year but I need to start to clean this up ASAP. Any suggestions?
  2. Please help! I had a small claims suit brought against me back in February for a Discover Card bill. I was able to work something out with the law firm that Discover hired to bring the suit against me. They did a stipulation for dismissal with the court and I agreed to make monthey payments. Unfortunately my last payment has been hard to make. I just received in the mail from the law office a order for judgment in favor of Discover Card. My question is will this judgment be putilized on my credit report ? If so who will be responsible for that information the court of Discover card. I asked the collector at the law firm but was pretty much given the run around. Any help appreciated!
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