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  1. Hi all, So forgive me; it's been awhile since I've had credit problems, but last year was a rough one... SO I had two cards with capital one that both charged off about 6 months ago...... I just got a letter dated 1/18 that says "My account was acquired by Sherman Originators III, LLC on 1/17." And that they own my account and may contact me yata yata.... a) trying to not panic that I will receive a summons 😱😱 b ) I am totally wanting to pay these off. One is for 733.00 and the other for about 1200.00 My finances are kind of tight as I've been pa
  2. Thank you so much. Yea... I've calmed down. A lot lol. Not panicking anymore. I've had charge offs years and years ago, like college and I just remember the sigh of relief when they finally fell off... I worked hard to clean up my credit, so I think I'm, more than anything just frustrated that this was such a tough year financially that this even happened. I still have a steady source of income so I know I'm not in as troubled waters as some... And so far, these are my only blemishes. They're just BIG ones..... Capital One was really good to me, I'm sad I wasn't able to hang in there. Anyhow..
  3. Oh wow thank you! Panicking a bit more now lol but I'm glad I know that! I called them as soon as I read what you wrote but their offices are closed of course today. Will call first thing Moday. Ugh I hope it's not too late. It's been a couple months... :/
  4. Hi everyone, I'm totally new to the forum so hi and hello. Bottomline, I am in complete PANIC mode. In the last few months, I have 4, yes FOUR account charge offs. I had two accounts with Capital One, and two accounts with First premier Bank and they have all, now, charged off. This year was a tough year for me financially; i made a lot of mistakes and did some overspending last year and it seems this was the year everything came around to bite me in the butt. Obviously hind sight is 20/20 and I see now all my mistakes---shouldn't have got the cards to begin with, should have