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  1. @bv80 I really appreciate the feeback you and harry as well as others have given me. It's helping me steer through this situation and try to keep my anxiety at a minimum. The health situation still isn't going on. They're all from past medical either with child labor, emergency room vists, etc. To the best of my knowledge, the debt as of last year was around the ballpark of 2300ish dollars (three different items on the list), the largest one was the one that is about to fall off. To my, and my wife's knowledge, the last attempt they made to contact us was a letter last year that I found behind the refrigerator around September 2015. Since then, I have seen no specific communication attempts, and my email or voice mail has been silent in regards to their organization as well. If I had the money, I'd pay it off in full, but I'm worried that even when I do save up the amount, it'll be much larger than I expect or can pay due to "late fees, or interest", and then I'm in the same boat. As for being broke, I should better explain. After paying for a dismissal of this last law suit, our savings was annihilated. Looking at the budget, after we pay all bills, food, diapers, gas, and other misc things required for crucial living, we're roughly saving 150-200 dollars a month, if we're lucky with gas or food. We still owe on our house, but the equity has gone up a great deal, and our cars are luckily paid off. I'm terrified of a judgement because I don't want to lose it and send my family spiraling into bankruptcy. We're trying to avoid that, and still keep a roof over our heads. I've tried to talk to one company as it is to try to refinance and pull 10k out of the house to pay for the loans, but according to our equifax rating, they wont do that (we're like 6 points lower than what is required for that specific company to allow us to take out a loan against the house when refinancing).
  2. I sincerely appreciate the help you've given me. It gives me hope when we're dealing with such terrible financial pressures at the moment. I wish I had the time, I really do to invest into a case if it came up, but honestly, we're so broke that settling is more of an option, especially if lawyer fees will add even more debt to the amount. If I had an updated total and the amount to actually pay it off, I'd just pay it off in full right now. May I ask, is there a specific area I can go to, in case I do get sued, to research and request arbitration? I've been trying to google online, but my googlefu is extremely weak, and the information I've found so far doesn't tell me if arbitration includes medical debts (such as mine from when we visited the hospital for my son and myself, I'm guessing) such as mine, and the details I need to actually bring with me and officially request the arbitration without them trying to deny it.
  3. I really appreciate the advice. I'm doing my best to quell the constant anxiety I'm having over this. I've lost 20 lbs in about 3 weeks over this whole ordeal. Unfortunately they are strictly medical debts across the board. May I ask, what is it like to have a judgement on you? Does it tank your credit rating? Does it ruin your chances of purchasing a home? I've heard having judgements placed on you can really ruin your day. I don't want to be irresponsible with this, honestly, I'm trying not to worry, but the idea of being sued into a state that would crush our finances, especially since we were just barely, barely starting to get by, is a difficult pill to swallow. Compound this with the fact that our special needs child (autism) requires at least one of us to be home during constant schedule changes (we can't afford the licensed child care he would require to ensure his safety), means one of us works full time, the other part time. I wouldn't be able to afford a lawyer at all, how did you manage to work all that out from with your judgements? Honestly, I don't think I'm nearly as intelligent as you are. I find the legal wording to be confusing at all times, and I really have to work out what people are saying when they say it. The last one we just settled was with Grant & Weber, and they were incredibly aggressive in their law suit and practices to collect the debt. I made the error for a cease and desist on my first DV letter, and that was foolish. It prompted them to immediately sue.
  4. I'm just surprised they haven't sued yet, last year the debt was a couple thousand dollars. I'm terrified if it will be three by now with late fees. In my head, I want to wait, but the anxiety is wrecking me. I can't afford to have a judgement placed on me, and I certainly don't have the money to outright settle for a dismissal. The last dismissal costed 1k in lawyer fees alone, and that was only for him paying for the small claims fee and the lawyer charge. If they bring the claim against me now, I dont know if I would be able to scrounge enough to pay for another dismissal.
  5. I just uncovered a letter sent from an old debt collector that is nearly a year old, back in 2015 around September. This is just after I paid a massive medical debt that completely wiped me out with another company, and I had to take out a personal loan to do it. One of the debts listed on this year old notice is a debt from 2011, and is nearing the statue of limitations in about 6-7 months. Do I want to pay back the debt? Yes, I want to pay them and not get sued. However, based on the age of the debt, I'm worried that as soon as I contact them, they'll automatically resort to suing me because of the age of the debt, without giving me a chance to setup payment options to begin paying them back. There are a total of three different items on the debt, the largest one is the one nearing statue of limitations in 5 months. The other two have another 1-2 years on them. So what do I do? I feel like I'm screwed either way. Do I contact them and risk being sued, or do I remain quiet and risk being sued? I don't have the cash to pay them now, I have to wait until I get a school loan disbursement (in roughly two weeks) or my next year taxes to pay it off in full.
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