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  1. I am an American-born expat living in Peru.  All my personal debt is paid as agreed.


    I am also the legal representative of an English Institute, which has a separate tax identification number.  There are three partners.  The business is not performing.


    A few months ago, the business entered into a rental agreement.  It has paid 3 months but cannot pay the remaining 3.  The first two months I personally paid out of my own pocket.  Since there are three partners, I want my partners to pay for the other 4 months (2 each), but they have declined to do so.


    The landlord has said that if I do not pay the debt, said debt will be placed on my Equifax credit report and will prevent me from getting credit.  I went today to Equifax, and the person there confirmed that this might indeed be so.


    Since I am an American citizen, Equifax is an American corporation, the information is hosted on www.equifax.com, a U.S. domain name, and the information is often transmitted through the Internet, I believe that the matter is covered by the U.S. Constitution, which grants authority to Congress to regulate Interstate Commerce.  In short, I believe that the Fair Credit Reporting Act is in full force and that it covers this matter.


    I entered an Equifax portal to determine how to dispute negative information, assuming that derogatory information may be placed against me in the future.  The portal asked for a 10-digit identification code.  However, the credit report I have in hand from Equifax does not contain a 10-digit code.  It contains a 15-digit operation number.


    Any advice or information would be appreciated.