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  1. Posts don't seem to be sticking anymore. A few have been posted by calawyer and Vpick001 and RyanEx and others but they aren't listed. And, when I received email from the site that posts had been posted, I clicked the link in the email that should take me to the post on the site but instead it takes me to a site error 2S136/C "We could not locate the item you are trying to view". Checking into this and will get back shortly.
  2. Sadinca/RyanEx - thank you both so much for the reply! Regarding the change of dollar amount in post 1... done! Regarding removal of Summons and Complaint pages... I was hoping to leave them for future support so others can see what the pages actually look like. I know when I was initially searching my case I was lost and having all the pages to view as an example would have really helped out. And, I'm hoping to have this post turn into a really easy straight forward example of how to address this type of Summons and Complaint scenario. I believe I have Blacked Out the personal info and any ot
  3. Nice!! Thanks RyanEX! So, regarding the documents I now need in order to reply/respond to my Summons and Complaint, the General Denial and the Proof of service or POS, starting with the General Denial; I have now looked at the General Denial Form that calawyer kindly supplied in earlier posts, but I now have questions on how to fill it out. If you guys could assist that would really be great! 1. On the General Denial, in the top left section it states ATTORNEY OR PARTY WITHOUT ATTORNEY and asks for name, address, email and so on. Is this where I put the Plaintiff's Attorney info
  4. calawyer, thank you for posting the Verification examples. I agree that it appears that the Plaintiff has not included a Verification Form within my Summons and Complaint. So, a General Denial is what I need to now fill out. I do see you mentioned earlier that I will need to mail (serve) the Plaintiff Attorney, but I was hoping to get a little more detail... reason for my question below. Question: Once I obtain the General Denial Form, fill it out and I'm ready to mail it, how many copies do I need? Will I just be mailing the General Denial or will I need to send other documents with
  5. Hi calawyer! Thanks for the quick reply! I wasn't clear on the understanding of "verified/unverified", so I researched it a bit and guess what? I got confused again... of course! LoL! Please correct me if I'm wrong, the two most COMMON ways to reply to a Summons and Complaint like this one is by either a General Denial or an Answer. Since you mention that it appears to you that only a General Denial is needed as a reply because the Summons and Complaint seems to be UNVERIFIED, I researched that. After some research I found the following (let me know if this is not correct pleas
  6. The above snapshots are most of the pages that came in my Summons and Complaint form Portfolio Recovery. I left out a couple pages that were part of the Statements from the Original Creditor Capital One that talked about the Interest Rate, Making Late Payments and so on.
  7. Hi! Thank you for putting this site together. I have never been sued. I have looked through the posts on this site but I am still very confused on how to reply to the Summons Complaint. I would like to create a post that is clear and detailed on how to address this Summons in the hopes of assisting anyone else facing the same. Please help. I think I would like for the Plaintiff, Portfolio Recovery Associates, to drop the case. I am not sure how to proceed. If I can't get them to drop the case then settling for a smaller amount to pay them is my second hope. I am unemployed. I do have all the p