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  1. I received a summons with an affidavit for a JDB LVNV. On the affidavit the chain of ownership appears that credit one bank sold it after charge off. Subsequent owners are as follows: FMBM LLC, Sherman Originator 3rd LLC, Sherman Originator LLC and finakly to LVNV Funding LLC. Upon filing a "deny" answer, I received a court date. Is the affidavit signed by a Chris Meeks as a representative for LVNV allowed evidence? I had thought it wasnt and considered hearsay however read something else that it could be admissable. I go to court on 8-24-2016. Just curious if I should or should not settle when the judge asks us to attempt to prior to trial as there is not bill of sale. The only paperwork I received in the aummons was the complaint and affidavit. I cany even determine if the person who signed it is a legitimate "rep" for LVNV. I neglected to mention that I am judgment proof as my only source of income is Social security for my children as I am a widow. However I want to try to fight this since they could continue to sue me if my income changes. Its ridiculous because we are talking a max of 300 credit that has turned into nearly 1000. 00 they are aski g in court. Upon my answer I did list social security as my only income but apparently they still want to proceed.