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  1. To address some questions posed thus far: the amount PRA is seeking to recover is $4900 - so quite a bit more than $1500. PRA had nine cases on the docket that day - most all of them rubber stamped for a default judgment because the defendant didn't show. So clearly PRA is just farming them through to get the default judgments. The court always had the copy of the request for discovery - they just misplaced it until my husband pointed out that he had filed it. We also still have the original copy that the court stamped as received last August. When the case came up the gal m
  2. Hello all: Looking for some advice on how to proceed next. Last August we were served with a lawsuit from Portfolio Recovery Associates on an old debt that was 1 month away from expiring SOL - so they got it in just in time. We answered the suit and also made the request to the court to conduct discovery. We never heard back from the court - on anything. I would periodically check the Collin County website and nothing was happening. All of a sudden we got a notice in the mail that we had a trial date set. Went to the courthouse to find out what happened with the discovery request.
  3. We were served with a suit today by Portfolio Recovery Associates. Looking for help on a response. The particulars are stated below as I have seen others respond in this manner. We will have two weeks from Monday to respond and we are hoping to eradicate these buggers quickly. Our situation is different from most I have seen in that we had lots of contact with PRA and also RSEIH (the law firm) prior to the suit. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Who is the named plaintiff in the suit? Portfolio Recovery Assoc, LLC 2. What is the name of the law firm handling the suit
  4. Hello All: Wondering if anyone can help - we are in Collin County, TX and are being sued by Portfolio Recovery - they have been trying to collect on a Sears account that was issued by Citicards. We found out about the lawsuit because we received quite a lot of solicitations in the mail from attorneys once PRA filed the suit. The suit is filed in a JP court. Today we got a notice on our door that someone tried to serve us with the suit. My question is - do we just call the number and accept the service or do we try to dodge it? I have spent a lot of time searching through the civil pu