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  1. I appreciate that, thanks...pretty bleak. Calling an attorney today.
  2. I appreciate the straight talk, thanks
  3. I was mailed the papers in 2010 by the first attorney. Nothing ever came of it. I received the papers from this attorney on Monday and they took the money on Thursday. Don't they have to leave money for people to live on, rent, food? I'm not on SSI. How do I buy groceries this week. Certainly there is something I can do?
  4. Back in 2009 we were losing everything. A law firm Michael Kahn filed an Entry of Default, Clerks Judgment for a $24000.00 AMEX bill. Nothing was ever done, I never heard anything more and my credit report said the debt had been written off. It doesn't even appear on my credit report now....well, unless it will be populated again by the action that another firm, Bleier & Cox, APC. They somehow have this judgement that was files with that Kahn firm in 2009. They mailed a copy of the judgement with their names on it. Five (5) days later all personal accounts were EMPTIED....I