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  1. I've been going back & forth with Wells Fargo and we are at a 35% settlement offer, has anyone experienced where if I offered to pay 100% of the debt that WFNNB would agree to a deletion of the entry similar to what I've heard has occurred with traditional collection agencies?
  2. Thanks so much. Definitely intrigued me that they called now vs the letters of previous so basically they want a snap decision vs. time to mull, etc. Acting on emotion vs. planned out thoughts/considerations of what he can really afford. Again, thanks so much.
  3. Thanks so much. I did wonder why suddenly its a hot topic to call and push for settlement when he hadn't heard anything at all for almost a year when they had gone stone quiet until I reached out. Part of me feels like its BS that its about to 'move out of Amex' but we both want this out of the way so if I can resolve it for him for something reasonable I will, since they made prior offers when thy could have sued early on, which is what most of the stories I've read indicates. As you note I won't finalize anything in terms of exchanging money without something in writing which is another thing that surprises me, why all the calls when everything previously was in writing and I've also reached out via writing vs calls? Interesting.
  4. @Clydesmom thank you for your response. I am new to this and trying to help him as he's older and doesn't really understand such things, he only fell behind when he fell ill and as you may understand some of the older generation kind of 'ignores' things they don't understand as if they will go away so my being younger I can research whereas he can't/won't. But, back to the point, yes, I was talking about the SOL when I incorrectly noted 'falls off', you are correct, I did mean in terms of suing him. The research I had done those sued had much higher balances and were sued darn near right after they went into default, we had heard nothing from Amex for almost a year until as I was going thru paperwork of his and found their offer letters but I'm willing to help him pay the matters off if they are willing to settle, I just went thru my notes and back in January they sent him the following offers, $1586 for the card that had been $2645 and $572 for the card that had been $1200, should we try to reactivate those offers when we reach out to them, go lower or not mention anything and wait to see what they offer this time? I ask that as in looking at my notes I show that they had offered a slightly lower amount in December and then it looks like they went up by about 10% in their offer in January. Any feedback you could provide again, would be greatly appreciated as I just want to help him put this behind him.
  5. I've been helping my dad clean up his report, pyt history the last 2.5 yrs are stellar, no missed pyts but in early 2013 he had 2 charge offs from Amex for abt 3K for 1 and $1200 another, earlier this year they sent him offers to settle, he didn't know what to do so he never responded, when I started helping him last month I took a chance and sent letters to the address countering their offer requestig deletion, they've since only sent back letters of the original amount but they've started calling him daily leaving messages noting that the debt is about to 'move out of Amex'. They've sent no further offers of settlement. Should we call them back and still try to settle for their original offers (about 60% of the original debt if I remember correctly) or wait for whatever this 'move out of Amex' is as everything I've read online is that Amex doesn't delete from your report and if moving to a formal collection agency maybe we'll have a better chance of getting them off his report? I'm hesitant since I'm not sure what this 'move out of Amex' is and I don't want it to be them filing suit against him. Important dates: His first date of delinquency was 2/13 He took the cards out when he lived in NV which has a 4 yr statute (making next yr the fall off period in abt 6 mths which could be the 'move out of Amex' thing) BUT he now lives in Jersey with me which has a 6 yr statute, I've not been able to find which would apply, I would believe a argument could be made for NV since that was the understanding all parties were under when the account was opened. Sorry this is so long but wanted to give you enough to give me some insight and I tried to anticipate what you may ask as best as I could. Any feedback that could be provided I'd appreciate it.