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  1. Thank you all very much for ur great advice, I appreciate it
  2. Thank you for all the information, I really appreciate it. The truth is that the inquiries were authorized, but I went a little crazy and filed too many inquires in a short period so it made my score drop a lot. I understand that many inquiries have much lesser effect that other factors, but the other factors I cant do anything about, such as bankruptcy and average account age/ too many recent cards open. I am referring to both my own credit and my husband's. I'm the one with the bankruptcy, but my husband's only issue is too many recent inquiries and too many accounts opened recently, plus of course average age. (I am only referring to hard pulls). I was planning on sending letters to creditors and try to claim the inquiries were unauthorized. I'm wondering if that may work or if there is any risk involved. Thanks so much!
  3. Hello! I have many recent credit inquiries on my report. Should i try sending letters to creditors asking to remove inquires because they were unauthorized? Does it really work? I understand that even if i have some removed but not all it would still be helpful but does it work at all? is there any risk to my credit as a result? and lastly, I wanted to ask about bumpage. Does it work? can u do it yourself or do u have to hire a company? which companies are recommended? Thanks so much for any help!