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  1. My wife and I live in Arkansas and I am currently active duty Air Force. Yesterday I received a knock on the door and it was a server here to serve my wife a lawsuit from Midland Funding LLC. I accepted the stack of papers and called my wife to inform her. The claim is we owe Midland less that $1,000 and legal costs, the original creditor was Credit One Bank. We have 30 days to file the response and I have drafted it up deny all allegations. I am curious how we should go about this lawsuit and also kind of nervous at the same time (my wife is a wreck right now). I have seen many articles, forms, videos, and sample motions and I have come up with the following possibilities. The cardholder agreement had a arbitration agreement and have seen many people doing this instead of going to trial (or attempting trial). On the other side I feel the affidavits they sent are bogus and we can fight it and win it. We are currently trying to contact lawyers and our base legal staff regarding this matter. Any advice or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated by myself and my family.
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