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  1. Hi, they NEVER showed up and the judge was super upset with them. I had my trial brief and everything else ready too. It may have been a default judgement if I didn't show up.
  2. @sadinca I mailed the letter to the JDB. Should I wait for a response before filing the MIL? I'm a little less than three weeks from my trial date.
  3. Awesome, thank you! Sorry to bug you about it, but do you also have your Object to AFFIDAVIT OF SALE.doc too?
  4. Nice, thank you! I'll go ahead and send that to them. Yes, I get this error when I try and click on any of them: Sorry, there is a problem This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location. Error code: 2C171/1
  5. Thanks! I read in another post that calawyer has a template letter to send them that stated the intent to object to any witness not in the response to the CCP 96. Do you think that either one will be sufficient? What are the chances that they'll dismiss after this? I've never been this far in the process. Also, I was going to PM you about the objection Word docs that you have (they were coming up with an error when I clicked on them).
  6. I just received a response to my CCP 96, which included, as a witness: "The Person Most Knowledgeable for [JDB]." What should my response to this be? I read in another post that they objected to the witness. CCP 96 states "You are requested to serve on the undersigned, within 20 days, a statement of:  the names and addresses of witnesses (OTHER THAN A PARTY WHO IS AN INDIVIDUAL) you intend to call at trial;" I guess this just killed their case, correct?
  7. Yep, I told the judge that I had received a notice of dismissal and he dismissed the case(s).
  8. With both of my cases the JDBs did the same thing, sent a dismissal and never filed with the court. I would plan on attending your trial date with your brief and the dismissal. I informed the judge about the dismissal and it was over with, but I had my trial brief on hand…just in case.
  9. Did you file the PLD-050 General Denial form? If so, what did you put for #2?
  10. Not sure if you're aware, but everything that you send to the JDB needs to be certified mail with return receipt. They can be pretty sneaky and claim that they never received it!
  11. I didn't qualify based on the income restrictions either, but I filled out the second page and itemized my expenses. You would file it with the court (NOT the plaintiff) and from there the judge will either grant or deny your request. I'm unsure how the judge decides whether to grant or deny it, but it's worth a try! I filed mine at the same time as I filed my answer with the court.
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