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  1. Thank you for the reply. I am positive CareCredit paid two years ago at the time of services. The law office even sent a document showing the balance at $0 with a CareCredit payment. What happened since then, your guess is as good as mine. I will go ahead and request that information be revealed. I mentioned this law office being pre-paid because reading online it seems that the most they do is send letters. That said, they seem to refer out when further legal action is needed. I am not sure if my doctor will go that trouble or not. If I wait it out to see if they actually file a lawsuit, can I still settle and avoid court after a lawsuit is filed? Is it ever advisable to send a letter explaining my financial hardships (I am technically unemployed/in between jobs) and the unlikelihood they will be able to recover all fees? Thanks again for the help!
  2. In the validation letter, am I able to request documentation on my account with CareCredit and payment history between CareCredit and the doctor?
  3. They are part of Legal Shield and do not even have an office in the city I'm located in, if it makes a difference.
  4. Thank you kindly for the replies and assistance. I totally agree it was an irresponsible decision to get myself in this position. Don't even get me started on my decision to go to grad school. I am really new to this entire process and had to look up what a DV letter even is. It appears you are recommending I ask them to verify my debt. Is there any information I need to include in the letter? Can I send it in regular mail? The documentation (the original bill) they already sent is not considered enough to verify the debt? Due to my status as a licensed intern in CA, I don't want to be tied to any lawsuit, but it sounds like you think they are expecting to proceed. I did research this law firm and it appears to be one of those pre-paid legal services. They don't seem to be the most reputable law firm, and I've already witnessed their sloppiness as the original letter they sent had the wrong doctor's name on the second page (they have since revised the letter and sent a new copy with the correct doctor's name). I was considering risking it by not responding and hoping it would not go beyond letters and threats, but I'm now gathering that this would be an unwise move. What steps would I need to take to prevent a lawsuit? In other words, after I request the DV (which they will probably be able to validate), what next? Should I offer 60% (or another amount) of the 4K to settle (assuming I can come up with it)? I guess that's another thing that confuses me. The doctor that is suing me was already paid by CareCredit, so it must mean that the doctor did have to return the funds. If so, I wonder why the other doctor that accepted CareCredit is not also suing.
  5. I have contacted them, and am getting on an income based repayment plan. Was hoping for advice about the potential lawsuit rather than my student loans...
  6. Thanks for the reply, Harry. Unfortunately, they are government backed. Were you thinking bankruptcy? I don't know if it would be worth it, this CareCredit account and a small credit card for 1K are pretty much all I owe aside from student loans. What do you recommend I do? If they sue me, would that be the next step if I don't respond to this letter?
  7. I have been a grad student without an income for 3 years now in the state of CA. About 2 years ago, I took out a CareCredit loan of about 8K to pay for medical expenses. The account was used at 2 different medical offices, which I have been unable to pay. I started receiving threats of a lawsuit from Parker Stanbury. Out of desperation, I disputed the CareCredit account with the credit bureaus and the account was deleted. I have since received another letter from the same law firm stating that I disputed the CareCredit account, but am still obligated to pay. One of the doctors is now pursuing payment for 4K (which I don't have) with the assistance of Parker Stanbury. They included the original bill with my signature that I thought had been paid by CareCredit. They have essentially warned me that they will win if taken to court. I am now 120K in student loan debt and have no way of paying this. I have until October to dispute the validity or send payment in full. What next steps should I take in this matter, and what are my legal rights? Thank you
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