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  1. It was small claims in 2007 for an amount of $2,668 but not that it has resurfaced it is at $7k +
  2. Thank you for the reply, my wife has no other cases in her name. This would actually be the first one, ever. We are going to be looking into legal aid these coming days. I will certainly look into all the information you provided above and will reply back with any further updates. As of now its 4:36am EST and i've been researching all night into this whole thing we are dealing with. I'll pick up in the morning with your info. Thanks again for the reply.
  3. So, my wife got a writ of garnishment last week and her wages are to be garnished due to some debt originating from Sears which was bought by LVNV Funding LLC sometime before 2010. The reason I state "sometime before 2010" is because we found her credit report from 2010 (she still had it filed) from all three credit bureaus and nothing reflects a delinquent account from Sears on there. What we know: Since nothing shows on those credit reports from 2010 in regards to Sears then it must have been old enough to reach the 7 year period that erases it off of her credit. Using t