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  1. that is correct--they show up in other states--but not for arkansas. As per supreme court law all collection agencies attempting to collect a debt from an arkansas resident must be licensed in the state of arkansas. Unless they are a lawyer collecting a debt on the agencies behalf (they are exempt).
  2. As per your link they are not listed in ar. Unless they are under another name.
  3. UPDATE: spent the night researching more and getting my questions ready for a witness if they decided to bring in alive one or the judge over rules my phone witness objection. court was this morning. The attorney came in and took a head count basically identifying who showed up and told me PRA will dismiss the case with prejudiced. SO that is what happened. now I am going to study on a suit against them. They have reported on my credit report for over a yr. I sent a DV but they did not respond course this was sent after suit filed. In arkansas you must be licensed as a collection age
  4. I called the court 2 weeks ago to see if they have filed anything but the clerk said its just in a sitting state. It has been what 6 months since discovery. Im going to look up how to file a no evidence motion for summary. I have had so much going on that i am revealed these ppl have been on the down low.
  7. So i decided since there was time id send a discovery. Im not sure if they were thinking the same thing or got mine and decided to send one also lol.
  8. UPDATE just got in mail PRA asking clerk to file more documents. an affidavit of authentication with dianna d. williams from norfolk Va. another custodian of records for PRA. stating these 61 pages are records that were kept by citibank na/bestbuy and now have been incorporated into PRA business records in the regular course of business. dated Jan 2017. Along with the same bill of sale and assignment as previously posted. credit card terms- the rest statements in form of 1 page without transactions posted but indicates payments and charges were made. followed but ads from bestbuy
  9. well i cant afford arburtration hence the whole pro se. i do not think the custodian from VA is going to travel to AR. and i have some cross examine questions to test the witness if that were to come. and if wrose case i lose the only income we have is my husband disability.
  10. Hello again, I need to do something I think with this case but reading this forum again just made my head spin. Lets recap shall we. 1. summoned 8-25-16 / complaint - affidavit - statements 2. answered 9-12-16 3. discovery took place responded to there admissions and interogatories - received by them 9-28-16 4. received letter them asking clerk to file copy of responses to defendats request for admissions 10-26-16. 5. I have had no other contact since then. Below is the contents of the letter. Answers 1. admit that plaintiff purchases delaulted debts as a regu
  11. Good Morning Defendants lol, I walked into the court today and found there were two cases on the docit with PRA. A Representative here for PRA spoke to another man about his case and continued his for 30days. I was dreading another continence of mine. The Representative then ask to speek to me out in the hall, he introduced himself and asked if I would be interested in settling? I told him no, that I was not settling a debt I do not owe. He said then your ok with continuing with trial? I replied yes. He jumped on his phone within ear shot and started trying to find a witne
  12. PAGE LAYOUT---- contract ID: PR1BB1EM121914 document ID: 100915PR1BB1EMB1 BILL OF SALE AND ASSIGNMENT THIS BILL OF SALE AND ASSIGNMENT, dated october 21, 2015, is by citibank,NA, a national banking assocation organized under the laws of the united staes, located at 701 east 60th street north, sioux falls sd 57117 (the bank) to portfolio recovery associates llc (buyer) organized under the laws of the state of delaware with its headquarters/principal place of business at 130 corporate boulvard norfol
  13. affidavit--reference only commonwealth of Virginia city of Norfolk ss. I the undersigned **** **** custodian of records, for portfolio recovery associates, llc hereby depose, affirm and state as follows: 1. I am competent to testify to the matters contained herein. 2. I am an authorized EMPLOYEE OF PORTFOLIO RECOVERY ASSOCIATES, LLC (account assignee) which is doing business at riverside commence center 120 corporate boulevard norfolk virginia, and i am authorized to make the statements, representations and averments herein, and do so BASED UPON A REVIEW OF THE BUS
  14. Complaint with Answers--for reference only 1. That the Plaintiff is a corporation authorized to bring this action under Ark. Code Ann 4-27-1501 1. defendant specifically denies the allegations contained in paragraph first and request the court to hold plaintiff to strict proof. 2. That the Defendant is a resident of *** County Arkansas. 2. admits 3. Jurisdiction and Venue are proper in this Court. 3. defendant specifically denies the allegations contained in paragraph third and request the court to hold plaintiff to strict proof. 4. The the defend
  15. Hello friends, it has been sometime since i have been on here. As you know from my last post the PRA case against me was continued and due on Weds. the 15th. I am getting more nervous by the minute. During which time I have not received a discovery. No letter or phone call has been made indicating another continence. I tried last post to upload documents so you could see and understand where I am coming from but that didn't work. So I will type it out and post as a comment. I wish there were audio recordings of live hearings so I could get the feel of the process order. Th