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  1. Well I am fairly happy here so I don't7 have any plans to move back to the States... I do usually take long trips there...usually about a month in length to visit my mother once per year but I don't plan to stay...so I don't think they would be enforce a judgement on me anyway since I am not resident in the country...unless they got a judgement here though which from what I have heard sounds very unlikely...I owe them around 60,000...might be a little more now since I have not been able to make minimum payments since 2007...so I am not sure if they would go through the trouble for that amount or not. It's a hard decision for me...it doesn't seem like the right thing to do..and I am hesitant. But Navient is going to look out for their own interests not mine...they don't care if I am paying them for the rest of my life..I do. My amount owned keeps going up because I can't afford minimum payments...so I have to look out for my interests and to be honest, this seems like the only thing I can do.
  2. Well I don't think the refinance will be an issue. As I stated, none of my American loans or student loans appear on my European Credit report. I have already gotten one small loan from a bank just to build my credit over here and I also have financed a few more things over here with various companies without having nay problems, my main problem over here is that I have a lack of credit. One thing as well is that I have never bothered to keep my mailing address and phone number updated with Navient so while they do know what country I live in, they don't have my current address or phone number, nor do they even have the correct town that I currently live in. Will the Statute of Limitations not apply to me since I don't live in the US? If I return to the US say 20 years from now, will they will be able to sue me? I do have an American Bank account still but I don't keep much money in it, I transfer money to it once a month to pay my various student loans..that is all I use it for so even if they did go after the bank account, all it would be is a slight aggrivation and they wouldn't get much money. It just seems like I am in a situation now that I am never going to be able to get caught up and I am wondering if just stop paying is my only option.
  3. Almost nine years ago, I immigrated from the United States to Europe. I have always tried to do the right thing. I am on income based repayment with my Federal Loans and I have two Private loans...one my mother co-signed with me...I hope to get it refinanced over here next year and get my mother completely removed from it...then I have a Private Student loan with Sallie Mae/Navient. My payments have been well over $500 a month...I have never been able to even come close to paying the minimum. I got advise from a so called Expert who advised me to make payments in what ever amount I could...that as long as I was paying something, the likely hood of them suing was slim. Just last week, I got granted Citizenship in the European County that I have been residing in and so of course and at the point where I never have to return to the United States unless I want too. I am thinking just stop paying Navient and here's why. Firstly, my credit in the US is already shot, I just looked at my credit reports and Wow...they are bad. My Balance has kept going up as well as my minimum payment, at the moment I would have to pay over $16,000 to bring my account back currant. And thirdly, it appears that Navient is no longer satisfied with what I have been doing as I have gotten a few emails from one of their debt collectors trying to get me to pay. I have already started over here in Europe, the bad marks do not appear on my Credit score over here. I recently got a small loan from a bank just to build credit in preparation for the refinancing of my other Private Loan that my mother co-signed with me... I hope to do this next year. So my question is this...what are the repercussions that could effect me here in Europe? I have been told that the Statute of Limitations might not apply to me because I do not reside in the United States...still if I never move back to the US...will that matter? Also, at the time I left the US, my Private Student loan was not actually delinquant because I was using my forbearances...which soon ran out. So my loan did not become delinquant until I had resided in Europe already a year or two..will that matter? I just feel like all I am doing is keeping them from suing, that the amount I owe just keeps going up and they are fairly unwilling to work with me at least in terms of it being helpful and doable for me. And since I am in Europe...can they even sue me anyway? I would appreciate any incite. I want to know exactly what I am in for before I decide to do this.