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  1. Got it, pulled the document online and it is filed on my case. So wonderful to be free from this stress, thanks again!!!!
  2. 27 CASE DISMISSED WITH DISPOSITION OF REQUEST FOR DISMISSAL 04/03/2017 NV 26 COMPLAINT DISPOSED WITH DISPOSITION OF REQUEST FOR DISMISSAL. 04/03/2017 NV 25 REQUEST FOR DISMISSAL WITH PREJUDICE - ENTIRE ACTION FILED BY PORTFOLIO RECOVERY ASSOCIATES, LLC ON 04/03/2017 04/03/2017 3 pages @calawyerI guess this means I dont have to show tomorrow? Thank you to everyone that supported me and answered my dumb questions...
  3. I served it by pos 040 overnight today. Court is closed tomorrow. Can i file the pos on Monday? Trial is Tuesday
  4. My template has exhibit A of the Defendants objection to declaration of colby, is the Declaration of Defendants in support of objection, is that correct? Is it all filed together? sorry this is my first and only time hopefully.
  5. @calawyer When you cite a case, do you need to include an abstract of the case as an exhibit, like Target v. Rocha? Where do you find an abstract?
  6. @calawyer If I am attaching a copy of the affidavit of non service with my Declaration in support of Objection, would I also supply it as an exhibit in my trial brief if I use it as an argument in my trial brief? Do I have the same exhibits for my Declaration, MIL and trial brief?
  7. In the Plaintiffs Statement of Witnesses and Evidence, it states Description of Documents to be Produced at Trial: ... Plaintiff also intends to offer documents into evidence which are currently unavailable including copies of the application and payments from Defendant. Plaintiff anticipates those documents will be available prior to trial. Can I object to the application and payments? How can I word that into my trial brief or objections? ANy examples? My understanding is that if they do not supply the evidence with their reply to the 996 then it should be inadmissible.
  8. Finishing my Trial Brief, Objection to Declaration in Lieu of Testimony and Declaration in Support tonight. In my jurisdiction I have up to 5 days prior to trial to file my trial brief. The trial is next week. Do I file it with the court and serve it on the Pltfs counsel? Do I file the POS with the court with the trial brief? Since the trial is next week, do I send overnight mail POS-040? I am using @Skates97 template and trying to make changes as needed. Sorry for so many questions. Thanks! @calawyer @Anon Amos @Skates97
  9. @calawyer No it says: "Witnesses to be called at trial: 1. colby 2.maria 3. myrell Pltf also intends to rely upon its ccp98 dec..."
  10. So does the "c/o" change it and mean that I need to leave the subpoena with ABC legal? Do I need to serve Colby Eyre in LA and in San Diego? @calawyer @Anon Amos @sadinca
  11. So does the "c/o" change it and mean that I need to leave the subpoena with ABC legal? Do I need to serve Colby Eyre in LA and in San Diego?
  12. OK, the 98 indicates"Pursuant to CCP 98 this affiant is available for service of process c/o ABC Legal 316 W. 2nd St 32rd Floor....for a reasonable period of time during the twenty days immediately prior to trial" So does the "c/o" change it and mean that I need to leave the subpoena with ABC legal? @calawyer I also just received the response to the 96, which lists the same person that did the declaration in Lieu of Personal Testimony but at a different address in San Diego. Also lists two other people at an address in San Diego. Do I need to serve Colby Eyre in LA and in San Diego? Do I need to serve the other people as well? @Anon Amos @sadinca
  13. I have to check the 98 when I get home, I forget the specific language. When I asked the process server company to leave it, they indicated that they cannot leave a subpoena as it is binding and a bench warrant could be put out for the witness if they do not show(??!!)?
  14. Ok the process server attempted to serve the witness last week at ABC Legal in LA. The process server indicated that they spoke with the manager and was told that the witness was a client and not an employee. The process server indicated that they would provide a affidavit of non-service. Is that sufficient for what I need or should I have them continue to try? sounds sufficient... @small fry @sadinca @Anon Amos @RyanEX @calawyer
  15. thank you, the subpoena is out for service now. I will start writing the trial brief and motions.
  16. @Skates97 Do you know the local rule in OC if there is a time limit to file my trial brief and motions in limine? I saw that you successfully defended yourself in OC as well...
  17. Also, do I need to file anything with the court regarding the subpoena of the witness or is that just included with my trial brief?
  18. Yes I found it. Thank you! Does anyone know in OC what the time requirements are to file my motions and trial brief with the court or a link to the rules?
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