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  1. I filed Chap 13 in June of 2012 and getting close to the end, but due to a very large increase income and wanting it out of my life I'm just going to cut a $50K check in November. Thankfully with my business income will continue to rise ongoing (residual) and we're wanting to buy our dream home at the end of next year, but keep our current home as well which we owe about $94K on. My question is, rather than paying cash for the new house up to a certain amount, I'd rather put down about $600K and get a mortgage for approximately $200-400K, under balloon amount. It is possible to do this about a year after discharge with super strong financials, or must I wait 2 years? I wouldn't want FHA, our current mortgage is and I'm not even sure you can have two FHA's. If need be I can pay off the first mortgage. Thanks for any info!