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  1. Using Experian, as they were the agency that housed ALL 8. The 3 most recent totaling 31k, was this past May 2016. The 3 state tax liens totaling 11k were entered April 2015 and the other 2 totaling only 2k were from late 2011. My scores at the last pull, August 2016, were 585 563 & 524. Like I said, I just got them all completely deleted from all 3 bureaus in the last 3 weeks so my reports don't update until the 15th and I'm just really excited to see how they have increased. I subscribe to a monitoring service, Id3ntityGuard, ( I'm not an employee or affiliate) just staying the name so everyone knows where I'm getting the reports and scores from. Thanks again for any guesses or thoughts as to the increase. I know having then removed does not remove my obligation top pay them, but I need as pristine credit as possible to acquire this job.
  2. I recently received my credit report about two months ago for a job that the job that I'm trying to obtain does a full credit search and devaluation along with an FBI criminal search and full background history. I pulled my credit 2 months ago and seen that I had five seven and eight judgments on the 3 credit bureaus. I was able to successfully remove each and every judgement over the last six weeks and I received my final credit reports from all 3 bureaus today and they are all deleted. My question is with deleting these amounts of judgments what can I expect my score to increase by? Even just a educated guess or a ballpark figure would be greatly helpful and appreciated.