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  1. Agreed! Its my **** and I've to cleanup. No baby sitting services
  2. Appreciate, any recommendations to an Appellate Lawyer in Norther California with whom I can work with? I'm about to order a copy of the court transcript.
  3. Dear @calawyer,

    Tried sending you a msg but got this,"calawyer cannot receive messages."

    Pls advice how can I get in touch with you?


  4. Dear Forum Members (@SeaDragon, @CALawyer, @RyanEX, @AnonAmos, and others), Lost a trial vs AMEX, FSB here in California. Judgement filed in favor of Plaintiff on Nov 30th. - Affiant XXXXXX, who signed on Declaration in Lieu of Testimony (with exhibits/documents) was the Live Witness at the trial. - Affiant XXXXXX perjured in his Declaration by giving a false address. Was served by process server - but unavailable for personal service. - Judge allowed Declaration and perjured Affiant to take the witness stand. Judge allowed the exhibits and documents as evidence. - Judge mentioned verbally, there maybe some doubts about his testimony as Custodian of Records - towards the end of the trial. Was wondering, if I might have an Appeal case? Kind Regards.
  5. I'm going thru a suit with OC as well. Haven't received any docs thus far. However, I am following all the steps outlined to fight with a JDB for my suit. Review this link from ASTMedic. This does pertain to JDB, nonetheless should have everything you may be looking for. Towards the end there's a checklist before Trial written by SeaDragon. Few files dowloaded from this forum, may be helpful to you. Thx to CalLawyer, SeaDragon, ASTMedic, Shellieh98 and others. Cheers. questions to ask witness (1).docx Request for Judicial notice.docx Trial Brief.docx Decleration in support Limine.docx Limine.docx Motion to Compel.docx Meet and confer.docx
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