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  1. Noodle

    DV ?'s

    great, thanks! Another route to take could be settlement? And yes, store front... not online, Typically, how much do CA's pay for debts? if it's assigned, can i still settle?
  2. Noodle

    DV ?'s

    December 2014 is around most of my collections. payday loans. 338, 509, 2214, 164, 999. most of them from the same company. far as the date of default, i can only tell you the dates that show on my credit karma.
  3. Noodle

    DV ?'s

    I am pretty new. I am making my first attempt to clean my credit. I have read the website and forums pretty thoroughly. I am getting some conflicting advise. Can someone please clarify for me. First, I plan on using DV method. I am using the flow chart for disputing both the credit bureaus and CA's at the same time. This is all old collections debt, right around 2 years (SOL in my state says 4 years). I am to understand that I only have 30 days from the time the first collections letter was sent. I'm sure to be outside that window. I'm assuming I should still follow through with the letter's and the whole process? One other problem I have encountered is someone in the forum advised not to just start googling DV's or using the generic letter;s on this site. The problem is, that person just showed an example of what not to do. I would love to know what TO do. Is there a generic letter that is effective? I don't want to cut and paste statutes and demands if that's not the etiquette. Please and thanks all.