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  1. Yup, I got it way back when. And yes, that address is about 40 miles away from there. What's my next step? Sorry for my ignorance, this is still all a bit overwhelming!
  2. Ok so my trial date has been set for a couple months from now, and I am preparing to send out the CCP 96 request at the 45 day mark, but am wondering at what point I should send out the CCP 98 subpoena? They have an office within 70 miles of here, is that where I have it sent? I believe their witness is across the country... I'm just a bit confused as to how the CCP 98 works and how I am supposed to approach it. Thanks.
  3. Alright, so using a couple threads I found around here thanks to Shellieh98 I have modified a couple of documents that I've found to fit my situation in replying to their Prepared Interrogatories, as well as the Demand for Documents . How does this look? DEFEDANT’S RESPONSE TO DEMAND FOR SPEICAL INTERROGATORIES[EXAMPLE] .doc Response to Doc request[EXAMPLE].doc
  4. I'm 29 days out from my Trial Setting Conference. Am I too late, or would this be something I can still send since this isn't the official trial? I must have wrongfully believed that the CCP 98 was them already laying their cards on the table with all of their evidence aside from what they're expecting from me in the form of my response to their Demand for Production, and Prepared Interrogatories, which will be sent out within the next day . I will send out a CCP 96 as well then, thanks. When filling out the DISC015, would the responding party be Portfolio Recovery, or their At
  5. Thank you for the help and encouragement! I will check out those threads and write up my replies over the next couple days and post back what happens. My trial date is in the middle of next month, so I have about 30 days until then, but 20 days left to reply to these current papers. It's like they're trying to overwhelm me so close to the court date, but I'm taking it one thing at a time and will fight them to the best of my ability. Thanks again.
  6. So after I got home from work I was delivered this via UPS (attached is the first three pages, the rest are copies of each monthly statement that I've been sent by Portfolio Recovery). It's looking like they don't want to appear in court, but if possible I don't want to let them out that easily. Do I have any options to subpoena them? If so how do I do it? I live about an hour away (~70) miles from the courthouse so I am trying to make as few trips as possible since affording that transportation is a bit of hardship, but I am willing to meet them in court and do whatever it takes to
  7. I am being sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC with Hunt & Henriques representing them. I am in San Bernardino County, California. They claim that I owe them ~$6,000, but I do not recognize them as the owners of the debt owed. I replied to their summons with a general denial (PLD-050), as their “proof” was not validated, and mailed it along with POS-030 (unsigned). I filed a copy of the PLD-050 and POS-030 with the court, and got a stamped copy for myself. Four days ago I received something new in the mail: a Plaintiff's Specially Prepared Interro