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  1. Sure can! I have never seen so many admissions questions, so I am concerned about missing something and them getting me on a technicality. The following questions confuse me the most (the rest I think I can figure out, especially with your help above). I have no proof of course, but we have been in dispute of this debt since it first occurred. I remember spending long hours on the phone with the bank, etc. Is it worth bringing up? For this one, the bill of sale chain they provided is hearsay? And here is a redacted request for production that they sent. They tec
  2. Oh, take your time! I am very grateful for any insight you can offer, but at your convenience of course!
  3. Okay, in the process of doing this, assuming the banks I had accounts with in 2010 will cooperate. We were living in a different state at the time, using local banks with accounts that have long since been cancelled. I am running out of time to respond to admissions and want to answer the questions without falsely incriminating myself. As for their request for the production of documents, I should definitely include a copy of the credit report that shows the last date of payment on the account, but how on earth do I word any of this without admitting the debt, either on admissions or dis
  4. Thanks very much, Clydesmom! I appreciate your help. My biggest concern is that according to credit report, the last payment on the account was in July, 2010 (which would put it outside SOL), but they have a document claiming a payment was made in December 2010 (within SOL, although I know we never made that payment. It sounds fishy since it was done 2 days before the account was charged off and sold to the first JDB). Also, they claim we never protested the charges, which in fact, we did. All charges on this account were fees/late charges due to a mistake on the bank's part that they ref
  5. I originally posted my case here, but I think that was the wrong portion of the forum to post in, since it doesn't seem to be very active: Immediately after filing our answer, we received a "debt validation" through the mail: -An alleged account statement showing a payment by us 2 days before account charge-off. (why would we make a payment 2 days before they charged it off? I thought charge off happened 6 months after last payment). Plus 2 additional account statements. -A bill of sale between the original bank and the first JDB, and a bill of sale to Midland funding. -A
  6. Well, the answer has been filed with the county clerk with plenty of time to spare (We used one of the cookie cutter answers posted by Huey Pilot), with a copy sent to our friendly neighborhood bottom-feeders. Today I received a call from the law firm handling the suit, but the number is blocked, so I didn't answer it. Why are they still calling me and not my husband (alleged owner of debt)? weird. Probably more threatening or trying to get us to settle B.S. I have no idea how to file a counter-claim, and after the expense of filing an answer, I don't think we can afford much more of th
  7. Good to know, the complaint is dated September 2016, and the last activity on the account was July-August 2010, so that's still outside SOL as far as I can see.
  8. Hello everyone, I am hoping I can ask for your help. On October 5th, my husband was served a summons/complaint regarding a long closed credit account from Wells Fargo. It has been over 6 years (our state's SOL) since the last activity on the account, so it should be a time barred debt. The account was in his name only, but I am doing all I can to address this promptly and thoroughly for him since he is always working. We called a local consumer rights attorney for a free consultation, but he didn't seem to think we should file an answer. He said that we should mail a certified letter