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  1. I settled my case with Cavalry. It's funny how hindsight is 20/20. I sent out the CCP 96 request 3 days early (mistake on my part). That and signing the Joint Trial readiness report did me in. Here's what happened. I arrived at court and I thought I would be greeted by the rent-a-lawyer that was always there. Nope, there were the REAL attorneys, I looked up their pictures from the law firm website ~that was them. The owner of the firm and the lawyer I've dealt with the whole time. They brought 2 witnesses. I don't know if they were "props". So, first comes offers. We got up to 3 offers and then I said the judge is going to have to rule on this one. Everything was dependant on my MIL to remove witness and affidavit. They countered with their Opposition. They won out because I sign the exhibit and witness list (requirement of the Joint trial readiness report). I would have had a case if I didn't sign the JTRC/witness/exhibit reports. After the judge defeated my MIL we went out in the hall again and another deal was offered. $100 a month until $19k is paid off. It really could have went better. But at least it's a settlement not a judgement. I'll never know if the witnesses were just fakes or props. Mistakes were made on both sides, but the 2 professionally train attorneys won out over a untrained pro per defendant. Also, I forced them to foot the bill for 4 people to fly in and face me. 1. Heather Wilcox ~Arizona 2. Brian Billings ~ Boise, Idaho 3. The owner of Quall Cardot ~ Fresno 4. Attorney of Quall Cardot ~ Fresno The judge complemented me on how I fought the case, scratch that I mean "we fought the case". I didn't get railroaded and I didn't roll over on them. I could have never got as far as I've got without the help of @RyanEX, @sadinca, @couwrias, and last but not least @calawyer. I'm feeling numb right now...I still think JDBs are scum. Thank you for all your help, without this forum I would have been lost. Note: If your debt amount is high they may send in witnesses. They offered me $2k to settle after I turned in my Trial Brief (maybe I should have taken it).
  2. Thank you for the info @sadinca. It is greatly appreciated.
  3. Sorry, for being unclear. I meant to say: "Correct, she didn't subpoena the witness." No witness showed up because of the CCP 98 declaration. She followed all of the rules and had great arguments.
  4. Correct. She told me she study up for the case for about a year. I directed her to this website.
  5. JDB is trying to add a witness and an affidavit to their part of the Joint Trial readiness report. The additional witness is Brian Billings. A trial witness manager from the OC. I think this is a scare tactic. I reminded them of their CCP 96 response and how they will be non-compliant if they add the witness and affidavit to evidence. No CCP 98 was ever sent. Any thoughts? Trial is next Friday Dec 8.
  6. Just got done with Ex parte for continuance. I objected, the judge didn't seem to care. They wanted 2 months and got a 2 week continuance. New trial date Dec 8th. I guess showing up kind of worked out. The judge is definitely not Defendant friendly. I'm not sure if they can send a ccp 98 in a 2 week time frame or any other shenanigans. Any thoughts? I'm asking you @calawyer @Seadragon and any else of the California team. Please advise. What do I do about a Plaintiff loving Judge? Thanks. -gradys
  7. Thanks @RyanEX , @sadinca, and @couwrias . I guess the fight is coming early.
  8. Thanks couwrias, I definitely be going to court tomorrow.
  9. @USCTROY1 I had my Trial readiness conference on Thursday. The rent-a-lawyer asked me if there was any chance for settling, I said no. A few words from the judge ans that was it. Getting ready for war on Friday.
  10. @calawyer I pm'ed you my rough draft trial brief. Any advice is greatly appreciated.