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  1. I have sent letter upon letter to Equifax about a derogatory mark on my credit which cost me many points and higher interest rates I have a sign and notarized court order that isn't suppose to be on my credit , a signed/notarized letter from the plaintiff lawyer that this wasn't suppose to be on my credit report. Equifax basically we are not removing it from your credit. Can I file a lawsuit under FCRA Section 623 CUSHMAN, v. TRANS UNION CORP US Court of appeals for the 3rd circuit Court Case 115 F.3d 220 June 9, 1997, Filed (DC No 95-cv-01743)? This was one of my letters, I wrote them. Please be advised this letter shall serve as notice that the following entry to ************* credit report is disputed. You are herby requested to adjust and remove the incorrect report on my credit profile that is negatively impacting me. I am certain that with your assistance, my credit profile will be changed to reflect my true credit history. The disputed account is with creditor ******** ****** Magistrate Court. This entry is incorrect as the account was settled in full payment of $******* as evidenced by a signed court document from the ****** County Magistrate Court Judge as well as the Plaintiff law firm Therefore, demand is herby made pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), 15 USC $1681 et seq, for immediate verification of this entry as required by the terms of the said Act. Please obtain verification from the creditor and provide me with confirmation of your inquiry. Under the authority of the FCRA and other applicable State and Federal consumer protection laws, you are required to immediately cease all reporting of this account until and unless you have fully complied with the above demand. You are directed not to release any further negative credit reporting information with respect to liability on this account until this matter is resolved. This notification shall serve as my demand that the creditor immediately cease and desist any further negative reporting of this account until and unless the alleged debt has been fully investigated and verified. Although, I would prefer to resolve this matter amicably if possible, be assured that failure to comply fully with the foregoing demands will result in civil litigation to enforce my rights and remedies under Federal and State Law, including all applicable claims for damages, penalties, attorney fees and cost of litigation. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. I feel I don't need a lawyer in this matter as I have signed documents from a Judge and Lawyer saying it should have never been placed on my credit report and to removed. This derogatory hit on my credit has cost me 80 points on my Equifax but the other two Credit bureaus removed this upon my letter. I have the letter from Equifax stating they will not remove it. What's everyone's thoughts?