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  1. "If they have not reported it there is no point in negotiating a pay for delete" Yes, that is what is confusing me. From the info I provided, does it sound like they own the debt and have not reported it yet? Are there other sites along with Credit Karma that I could check in order to verify it hasn't appeared yet? If it does appear, there, would my next step be trying for "pay for delete"? Thank you.
  2. Hello, thank you for reading my post. I'll try to be brief and I hope you can help me. I received a letter/bill from a collection agency in October. Two weeks later I got a letter/bill from the original creditor. I telephoned the OC and they said the bill had gone to collections on September 29th, but they started talking to me about making payment arrangements, so they seem to still "own" the debt. I am desperate to keep my credit report as clean as possible. I'll pay in full immediately if necessary. I don't know whom to pay, I don't know if it has hit my report yet etc.