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  1. I have a couple of accounts on my credit report which are reporting incorrect information. One of them, the apartment complex illegally evicted me and took possession of the apartment. I paid rent for that month and they took it, but still reported that I owed them over four thousand dollars; although they rented the apartment the next month. Which would have constitute that I did not owe them a cent. They keep the deposit and the rent I paid and still sent a incorrect balance to the collection agency. A year later, I contacted the property management company and they corrected the balance after finding out the property manager did not apply the rent I paid to my account, instead she put it in Miscellaneous payment received bucket. She also deliberately did not update the amount owed before she sent it to collections. The apartment was rented the next month, so that relieved me from the responsibility of the balance and I had already paid June rent and they took my deposit. However, she reported the full balance would be owed for the remainder of the lease. So it is clear, she deliberately violated the FCRA and I need to find out what my rights on this. What can I sue them for? The balance is still on my credit and I am getting ready to file for breach of contract, because it is too late for illegal eviction since this happened in June of 2013. Any suggestion on dealing with the collection agency also, who is reporting the false information. If they report inaccurate information, is that justifiable cause to delete, or do the Credit Bureaus just update and leave on there? What does the FCRA say about this? Any help I can get on this will be helpful. Thanks,
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