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  1. Hi, I am owing a dept of $210,000. Should I opt for bankruptcy or proposal? I'm totally confused now. When I read an article the other day, compares the bankruptcy and proposals. In that it says that, if the dept is below $250,000 it is better to select the consumer proposal is enough. Is it true? Is this a correct information? I would like to know your comments on this. Here is that article: http://www.billfixer.com/bankruptcy/proposals-vs-bankruptcy-which-is-better-for-you/. Kindly, share your opinions as soon as possible. Thanks in advance
  2. Have anyone used share builder? If so, suggest me the pros and cons of that. I would like to know more about that. Thank you
  3. Hi, Any new mortgage rules available? Can someone suggest me a better mortgage system? I would like to get one if possible. Thank you
  4. Hi, I have been in difficult situation. I was wondering how I could get rid of this? I'm in a severe financial crisis. Can someone suggest me the tips and trip for the recovery? I would like to have a total change from all the circumstances.
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