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  1. Two separate lawsuits. Mine were CACH / RSIEH in Travis County. They non-suited on both following our demands for production including flow agreements, and discovery. The responses were fun to read. Here is an example of one demand for production. Others followed the same path: So if I read their response correctly, they are suing me for an alleged debt, but they are not required to have the actual records that prove the debt? Seriously, you can't make this up. I am not sure if I would have won at trial, but they folded before I had to find out. They never did prov
  2. @Clydesmom I find your constant animosity to @texasrocker interesting. Why can't you accept other tactics? Why the constant negativity? What are you missing in your life to feel the need to constantly argue? Helping people fight JDB tactics can take several paths. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. In Texas it seems that @texasrocker has been able to help a good percentage win their cases. Me included. Using the same discovery and denials you constantly denigrate allowed me to win two suits totaling over $45k. Instead of constantly being negative maybe you could use you
  3. I have to say, the incessant negative drivel from the folks outside of Texas is becoming painful. And I am just a casual observer of this forum... not a 5,000 post regular with nothing else to do. You may be an expert in another state, but seriously, stay the h*ll out of Texas unless you have supported, and won for folks here. The constant arrogance you exhibit for supposed superior methods grows old. There is no sure way to beat debt suits. Strategies work some of the time, some times not. How many cases have been lost under your arbitration method versus won? How many by the @texasrock
  4. What was your original summons, and your response? Can you post redacted documents? Does the court you are in allow for discovery? I think folks need a bit more detail. The timeline seems to be very fast. L
  5. If I could repay the original lenders I would. Business failed, and we fell behind and they would not offer payment terms. So they wrote it off, and I was left to deal with the JDB. To be clear, these were high dollar cases both in excess of $15k, so one would think the JDB would pay attention. Instead they folded when challenged. Obviously your results may differ, but in my case it all fell into place. I objected with total denials. Then followed with answers denying all of their discovery. Followed with my discovery demanding flow documents, and proof of legal transfer of owner
  6. We won! 2 for 2 in Texas against CACH. And both are now past the SOL. Each case was for breach of contract with Web Bank (Lending Club), for significant 5 digit amounts. Both cases were filed in Travis County Texas. CACH was the JDB and the bulk of my original filings followed postings from texasrocker. Thanks @texasrocker Case #1: I started off Pro Se with my answers (general denial found on this site) and discovery (also found on the site). The JDB never responded to my discovery. Not knowing how to file motions, I got cold feet at this point and hired legal help.
  7. We won! Sorry for the silence. Didn’t want to poke the Bear. This was actually two parallel cases. In any event we are two for two. And both are now past the SOL. 1st case: JDB nonsuited after I added representation and we filed an updated answer. 2nd case: JDB went silent after adding representation and finally nonsuited after a year of silence Case #1: I started off Pro Se with my answers (general denial found on this site) and discovery (also found on the site). The JDB never responded to my discovery. Not knowing how to file motions, I got cold feet at this
  8. Thanks texasrocker. Always appreciated. Before filing the MTC should I send the following? 1. Meet and confer letter 2. Interrogatories 3. Request for Privilege Log Seems I would want these on record 1st. L
  9. Anybody? I am not feeling very good about all of this at the moment. Exactly how the JDB want me to feel. L
  10. How do I challenge the signers of the affidavits? They did not provide any address details but they did submit multiple affidavits. But are also saying they will call no witnesses. Should I do Admissions and Interrogatories to challenge their actual knowledge of the account? Seems that might be my next attack route. Or do I proceed with the MSJ for lack of evidence? L
  11. Well I spoke too soon. Received the JDB response to my discovery in the mail today. Guess my letter actually worked. Huge packet of all kinds of paper. On my Discovery they basically objected to everything. On my chain of title request they are claiming work product and privilege For the rest they are claiming 12 C.F.R 226.25 says they don’t have to retain any of the records I requested. I should have them. Well OK, and I can’t find them. They objected to production of: Warranties or representations Credit agreement bearing my signature Itemiz
  12. Well I have received zero response from the JDB on any of the materials I have sent them. General Denial (Also sent to court, CMRRR and registered online) My answer to JDB discovery (The fact I responded registered with court and sent RMRRR to JDB) My 1st Discovery request to JDB including demand for production of documents and interrogatory (Sent to JDB CMRRR and the request also registered with the court) My letter to JDB reminding them of their obligation to answer Discovery, with a threat to file a Motion to Compel if they didn’t respond in seven days. (Sent CMRRR)