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  1. I did as was suggested through this site and what you had said. All TU did was, under the remark Foreclosure, they added redeemed (I didn't redeem it or bring it current, it was dismissed) and moved the "F" from Jun '14 to Jul '14 (which the Circuit Clerks off'c told me there is nothing on file after my dismissal order 2-19-13) I have yet to receive anything in the mail from them or online, Equifax moved "F" from Jun to Jul '14. On 4-17-17 Experian sent me a letter that said they would not accept my dismissal order stating "We have reviewed the documentation you provided with your dispute, but have determined that we are not able to use it to make the changes or deletions you requested. We are contacting the furnisher of the information or the vendor who collected the information from a public source. When we complete our processing of your dispute, which may take up to 30 days, we will send you the results." I received a letter today 4-25-17 that says my outcome was --updated. Nothing was removed and on the copy of my report they sent back, it states under Status: This item was updated from our processing of your dispute in Apr 2017. But absolutely nothing was changed. Do you have any advice on what I can do from here? I don't want them to mark this as frivolous but I feel something should be done. Something I'm very curious about is, can a foreclosure be completed without going through the sheriffs office or Court House? All 3 are marking this as a foreclosure for Jun or Jul 2014 yet I cannot find any record of that when I call the Court House.. I have not a clue how to resolve this, if I even can.. Thank You so much for your replies!!! Wendy
  2. Update: I mailed off my disputes to the CRA's on Mar 31st. Experian received it on April 5th and yesterday (April 11th) I received a letter in the mail stating they "updated" my CR to reflect the changes. All they did was move the "F" for foreclosure from Jun 2014 to July 2014. When I had previously called the Sheriffs office, they did ot have any info to support any foreclosure. They directed me to call the Circuit Clerks office at the Court House, in which my dismissal order for 2-19-13 was the last date there was any info regarding the house address. How is the CRA's reporting a foreclosure in Jun or July when the court house has no record to support that?? Do i now need to send a Method of Validation letter out to figure out why they left the foreclosure on my report?? Thank you!! Wendy
  3. I'm awaiting the arrival of the copy from the clerks office now since it was in Illinois. When I mail this copy to the CRA'S though, will this stay on there with a memo attached or be deleted altogether? I'm not really sure if they completely delete it. My thing is, they were quick to put it on my CR, never even bothered to communicate with me to say that it even had a court date or that it had been dismissed! This This is so aggravating!
  4. Long story short, I was doing a friend a favor and did a contract for deed (paperwork written up by a lawyer). Well, it ended up in foreclosure and listed on my CR in 2013. So now I'm trying to get a mortgage and was asked when the sheriff's sale date was. Honestly, I didn't have one because the bank or lawyer did not contact me by phone or mail. So I called the sheriff's office, nothing. Finally ended up at the circuit clerks office in which she said "Well that's weird". Your house didn't sell. There is a dismissal order without prejudice signed by the judge on Feb 19th, 2013. She said don't ask me what what it means because I honestly don't know. So my question is, is this too old to report to the CB's? Could it possibly improve my score hopefully?? Has anyone else experienced this? Thank you very much!, Wendy
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