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  1. Hi all, I'm desperately seeking any advice on how to handle this. I was served a summons by Second Round last week for a debt they bought from Belk. I can scan and upload what was sent to me later. I have not had any correspondence with Second Round up to this point. They did attach 3 documents, one is a copy of the Belk statement that shows the date it was "charged off" (October 2012). They want the full amount $1245(estimate) plus $98 court fee. The statement shows that the principal balance was $450 and the remainder was interest and fees. No minimum payment or due date listed (which they state in the summons that I didn't pay the minimum payment by the due date listed). I know enough about them to know that they purchased this for pennies. The other two attachments show where the debt was purchased by second round as part of group. Nothing showing that my debt was part of this agreement. I'm not sure if that is even relevant at this point. I know I need to answer this to keep a default judgement from happening, but honestly, I have no idea how to do this. I wouldn't mind settling (I know this really won't help my credit), but I refuse to pay the full amount. I would prefer not to pay anything to these scumbags. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!!