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  1. Maybe more options will come later but for right now it seems any amount awarded is valuable? And possibly $1000 per violation from what I read?
  2. On FTC's site I found it mentioned civil liabilities regarding FDCPA violations. I'm trying to know more here.
  3. Examples of existing reliefs for FDCPA violation do come in some monetary forms don't they? Or what other forms of relief can be offered?
  4. Even with that, I'm still interested in bring that issue in my defense indirectly like I wrote. Since, like, their past dealing with me especially that threatening and misrepresentation does brought distrust among other issues. There are also no SOL on things like distrust. Say Mark owed John some money, John had sympathy for Mark that he was in a hardship so John didn't pursue Mark much on the debt and the SOL passed. One year after the SOL passed, Mark became rich and it's John who got into some difficulty and borrowed from Mark. For a year John still can't get out of his trouble and still unable to repay. Mark has no consideration at all for the kindness John ever lent to him and he has no considered for what he owed John in the past but just went to court and sued John, how does this look like for Mark? -------------------------------------------------------- CODE OF CIVIL PROCEDURE 431.70 Where cross-demands for money have existed between persons at any point in time .... If the cross-demand would otherwise be barred by the statute of limitations, the relief accorded under this section shall not exceed the value of the relief granted to the other party. source http://law.justia.com/codes/california/2005/ccp/431.10-431.70.html
  5. In my opinion the issue goes far beyond FDCPA. If one of their representative ever lied to me before I have reasonable grounds to believe there are possibly other lies in other areas and in their other dealings with me.
  6. Thanks calawyer! So PRA contacted me regarding two debts or two accounts, with the first one older the second one newer. One collector ever used threatening and false representations in his attempt to collect from me on the first (older) account, which, among other things, in my understanding are violations of FDCPA. The one I currently being served summons on is on the second (newer) account. Should I bring about the FDCPA violation somewhere on my response to the summons or sometime along the line in my dealing with this second account I'm currently being summoned on? Thanks again in advance.
  7. Thanks all for help! I'm working on the summons wondering whether I should use the answer form or general deny form.
  8. I got served by a JDB, for a debt of an amount under $3,000 and am working on making my response. Thanks in advance for help!
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