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  1. This from Acclaim Legal Services' web site: " According to Michigan law, your creditor has up to 6 years (from the date of your last payment) to collect on a debt, including obtaining a judgment on the debt. " "If you received a notice of complaint (a lawsuit filed against you) on a debt that is past what you believe to be the Statute of Limitations, you must still respond to the suit. The Statute of Limitations is an “affirmative defense”. If you ignore the notice of complaint, your creditor can obtain a deficiency judgment to renew collection efforts even if it has been past the six years Statute of Limitations. This makes the debt legally binding again and this judgment can also be continually renewed and/or sold to a debt collection agency until the debt has been satisfied." So far, I have not received a "notice of complaint", just a letter stating that they had purchased the debt, what the debt was, and that if I had not responded within a certain amount of time it would be assumed the debt was valid.
  2. It does, to the best of my knowledge, count as an open ended account. Last I checked, the statute of limitations in Michigan is 6 years for ALL debts. And apparently TLG LLC represents Crown Assets, a zombie debt buyer. As for the rest (time bar starting at charge off or at last payment), I will have to look further.
  3. So what can I do to forstall their attempting to sue, so I don't have to deal with the headaches of a court case? What would likely happen if, for example, I sent them a letter informing them that I am aware that they are past the SOL, and therefore are, themselves, SOL (s**t out of luck)? And that any attempts to sue will result in a countersuit for their violations of the law?
  4. I had an account years ago called "PayPal Pay Later", which was administered by GE Moneybank. I lost my job in November of 2010, and was unable to make further payments - in fact, I was unemployed for over two years, and was called a "deadbeat dad" by the Friend of the Court because I was unable to pay my full child support payments from my unemployment checks - in fact, they confiscated several tax refunds, such as they were, to pay the back amount. The debt has been sold twice that I know of - possibly more. The first time I was aware of it, I told the collectors I had nothing to give them (they asked the usual questions, including "do you have anything of value you can sell?" - which I do not, as everything of value I once had, I sold in a vain effort to keep my house from being foreclosed on, hoping I would find employment before then). That company continued to try to call, then stopped. I did not hear from anyone for a long time afterwards. When I finally did get a job, I ended up with so much being taken out in child support, plus health insurance (the court requires me to take out health insurance on my kids, despite the fact that their mother makes more money than I do - by a significant amount - and has insurance through her employer, which is the state correctional system), that I have to live with my parents in order to provide my children with a decent living environment when they are with me - I can't even afford the rent on an efficiency apartment, which is hardly suitable for my kids! I have barely enough left over to pay for gas and insurance on my car, plus my necessary medications. I drive 60 miles to the nearest VA clinic because gas is cheaper than the medical bills for a simple doctor visit (I once incurred a bill from my local hospital for just over $400 for basic blood work, which took me over 2 years to pay off)! I got a letter from a company called "Taurus Law Group LLC" in MA in October informing me that their client had purchased my debt. I ignored them, as I had nothing to give them to begin with. They called and left a message asking me to call them on November. I put that number on my blocked list. They called me from another number and left another message yesterday, asking me to call them. That number is also blocked now. It is past 6 years since I lost my job, and Michigan's statute of limitations is 6 years. Can these bozos still sue me (for money I can't afford to give them, no less), now that they are past the S.O.L.? Can I simply send them a letter telling them to cease and desist, and that they ARE past the S.O.L., and that further attempts to collect will be treated as harassment? I have received no further letters from them, just the two phone calls simply stating who they are (with no notification as to who they are calling), that it is an "attempt to collect a debt", and a person and phone number to call.
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