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  1. I too am being "sued" by MIDLAND, in Texas. I have posted for some feedback too. I have not yet been served, and only found out by the letters from Attorneys offering to represent me in my lawsuit. Mine too is a SYCHRONY BANK original holder, which purchased the DISCOVER account and then raised my payment arrangements that I had set up with DISCOVER. So I am in the same boat as you are and hope to resolve without an attorney and/or judgment against me.
  2. to HTXC - this is now happening to me...got FIRST LETTER from an ATTORNEY saying "they can help me with the lawsuit recently filed by MIDLAND". I DID respond to MIDLAND when I received their FIRST NOTIFICATION asking for Proof of the Debt. Mine is with SYCHRONY BANK about $5K. I was wondering what ever happened (if it IS over) with your situation. And if you could let me know what happened AFTER this last post Thank you in advance and so strange that your posts are almost an EXACT REPLICA of my situation and what I would post!