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  1. Hey all, My credit history is pretty poor due to missing a lot of credit card payments in the past, but i'm finally in a position to start working towards improving my score. About 4 months ago I closed two of my old credit card accounts after paying them in full. About 3 months ago, I got applied for an received two new credit cards that I plan to use (and have been using) in order to help me start rebuilding my score. I've had a car loan for the last 3 years, and have not missed any payments on that. About a month ago, I noticed my Transunion score went from 590ish to 619 - this was after I received the first credit card and made my first payment on time. After I received the second credit card, my score dropped down to 607, this is expected I believe due to the hard-pull on my credit when I applied to the card. Over the last 3 months, i've used both credit cards, and have paid them off in full directly after I used them and have no carried any balances over to the next monthly period. Today, my score has dropped from 607 - 584! After months of making all of my payments and securing new credit 3 months or so ago, why is my score now starting to drop? Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated!