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  1. Hey guys! First I want to say thank you for all the discussion in this thread. You guys gave me a lot to consider. Here's an update on what's been going on. So I sent in my response maintaining that I still dispute their claim and included the documents from my current provider as my supporting documentation as to why. I also checked my credit score and found that their reporting had been removed. I thought they were giving up, until yesterday. Yesterday I received a one page response to them that basically amounts to hearsay. I can't decide if I should be laughing or pissed off
  2. @BV80 Thank you very much! I'll start working on a reply now. Hopefully I won't be hearing back from them. One last question though, should I notify the credit bureaus that I dispute it, or wait for now to see if the agency removes it?
  3. @BV80 should I include any of the statements or anything from my actual service provider showing that they were the ones who had my business at the time? Or just hold onto those for now in case Southwest tries to continue this?
  4. @BV80 I had service with this provider at a college apartment across the state back in 2000. My service with them was canceled because I moved back to my parents house and didn't need to transfer the account. I've been in my current residence (own the home) since 2005 and had this other provider the whole time. The statements provided by Southwest say they are for service to this address from 3 months in 2013 and increase every month going up to $800 dollars and even include a statement for "price adjustment for your package" because their prices changed.
  5. So here's my situation. Back in 2015 I was contacted by one JDB claiming that I owed about $700 in an old cable debt to a service provider I didn't have. I sent a debt validation and never heard anything more from them and assumed that they must have realized they had the wrong person. In March of 2016 I get a letter from Southwest Credit. Same account numbers as the other JDB letter (I saved the original) but the amount is no where near what the other company was asking for. I'm talking about half as much. So again I sent for validation and again I didn't hear anything back and nothing was