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  1. Hi im from Arkansas an i recieved a letter in mail yesterday from my district court notifying me that a default judgment was issued for me on nov, 30th 2016. upon calling my district court it was buzy so i decided to call the lawyer on my paper. Miller an steeno, p.c. I started speaking to a lady named angie whom advised me they were debt collectors an so on an was being recorded so i advised her i was recording so she then told me its my right to record but id have communicate via mail an hung up on me. i then called district court an the lady told me a fred myers from little rock filed a affidavited stating he had delivered to me on aug. 27, 2016. I dont recall being delivered the summons by mr myers or anyone on that day nor anyone in my house hold neither. A schedule of property is ask to be prepaired, Anything i can do to keep from this?