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  1. FYI VA has no such rule. The rule is from the creditor and it is their requirement. If the SOL has passed and they won't do the loan keep looking for another creditor. If you are unable to find one or want to move forward with your current creditor then make the deal that you will have a cashiers check for those creditors at the time of closing. If yoi pay it off before then it will all show back up on your credit report trashing your score and you definitely won't get the loan.
  2. I have been out of the military since 2009. To the best of my knowledge I had paid of my star card but my parents recently received a letter at their house for me stating I owe around 3k. It does not show up on any of my credit reports. I know that this is the government and I most likely don't stand a chance at fighting it. If I pay it is there any way to keep them from reporting it to the credit agencies since it's not on there anyways? I can pay it lump sum if that helps. If there is anything else I can do please let me know. Thanks
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