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  1. its not their attorney calling. its either their collections department or a jdb acting like they are amex legal
  2. Hi... I am kind of stumped. A lawsuit was filed in August of 2016. AMEX Business Gold Rewards Card Date of last payment was August of 2015. I had a call every now and then. I asked about a payment plan. They offered the balance in 8 installments. I cannot commit to something I cannot do. After the lawsuit was filed, AMEX has been calling just about every day to collect on the account. I was financing the expansion of my business as I was expanding, I had charged approx. 55,000 on the card. It had no preset spending limit. Before I used the card for expanding, I called and asked what the limit was, they said no preset limit. So I did ask the question, I was thinking of expanding the business, can I charge up to 100,000. I was told yes. As soon as I got to 55,000. They lowered my limit to 13K. My expansion project had to get shelved due to funding. Can Amex call me every day after the lawsuit has been filed. They do leave a voice mail every now and then which I save, But I am thinking this is harassment, since there is a lawsuit pending.
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