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  1. Hi my name is billy and i have been a victim of identity theft. im in the process of getting my credit fixed, but im worried the guy will use it again after i get it fixed. what can i do to stop this? i know the person who is using my social as i used to live with him. long story short i went through his stuff while he was at work and found a whole binder full of peoples names addresses and social numbers. i didn't call the cops that day but was going to the next day because i used to smoke and was scared i would get in trouble some how to. the next day i had to go to work but was going to call cops as soon as i got there but when i did he had already took everything and was gone. i did call the cops but they would do nothing just a police report to give to credit bureau's. i know where he lives and works now but i don't know what to do. please i need help thank you!
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